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  • PC Solid sheet / Hollow Sheet Extrusion Line  – CHEER

    PC Solid sheet / Hollow Sheet Extrusion Line – CHEER

    PC  solid sheet is also called PC endurance board (also known as Cablon endurance board, polycarbonate solid board, PC bulletproof glass, PC solid board, polycarbonate board) is made of high-performance engineering plastics-polycarbonate (PC) processing Become. The endurance plate is pressed into a wave shape to become a solid endurance tile. In 2018, the technological innovation technology allows the pc endurance board to add reinforced resin to prevent the endurance board from thermal expansion and contraction cracking

    The characteristics of the pc endurance board:   impact resistance, impact resistance, unbreakable: the strength exceeds the strengthening
    Hundreds of times the glass and acrylic sheets are tough, safe, anti-theft, and bulletproof.
    Can be round arched and bendable: Good workability, strong plasticity, and can be bent into arches, semicircles, etc. according to the actual needs of the construction site.

    JIAHAO has got professional team to improve equipment of PC sheet , can provide excellent performace machine for PC SOLID SHEET  ,  PC HOLLOW SHEET , PC WAVE SHEET , PC GLAZED SHEET